Operations supervisor

Salary: Based on experience

Day, Full Time
40h - Full time, from 8am to 5pm

Under the supervision of the President, you will be a valued member of our team in managing a variety of daily tasks to ensure our customers get exactly what they need. Your role will also consist of working on problem-solving, communication, leadership, time management, and work organization.


  • Is responsible for the accuracy of inventories; coordinates the transfer of goods between divisions and deliveries to customers. Ensures material is prepared in accordance with procedures. Coordinates and supervises the annual inventory taking;
  • Ensures proper use of warehouse space by carrying out studies and organizational plans, taking into account high turnover products. In coordination with its staff, sees to the optimal layout of storage areas and sees to the cleanliness of the premises and the storage of equipment;
  • Acts as a resource person for parts purchases for his staff and to keep inventory;
  • Acts as a resource person for the various tasks of his staff (installations, repairs, preventive, and emergency maintenance);
  • See to the training, training, and performance evaluation of its staff; make the necessary adjustments when required (instructions, disciplinary or non-disciplinary meetings, awareness, specific straining, etc.);
  • Recommends the necessary handling equipment for its service and ensures their maintenance while minimizing costs; ensures their safe use;
  • Occasionally, resolve handling, storage, receipt of material or equipment issues; make the appropriate recommendations;
  • Work hand-in-hand with top management staff concerning work/operational issues and other activities;
  • Perform any other task required by his job or requested by his immediate superior.


Printer, computer, calculator, copier, hand truck, pallet truck, forklift, lifting platform, battery charger, etc.


Responsability of personnel    

  • Coordinates the work of ten (10) to fifteen (15) warehouse clerks and technicians depending on the season.

Internal and external contacts

  • Regular contact with representatives to obtain/provide information or resolve problems.
  • Occasional contacts with suppliers and transport companies to negotiate conditions or resolve problems (complaints, service, etc.)
  • Occasional contact with customers to ensure adequate and prompt service.

Responsibility for accuracy

  • An error in inventory or in delivery could easily result in unnecessary costs for the business. Delays in delivery can lead to the loss of customers.



  • Group medical and dental insurance;
  • Group retirement plan (RRSP-DPSP);
  • Corporate events;
  • Advancement opportunity;
  • Great team spirit;
  • Nice working environment.

Requested skills


    • Bachelor’s degree in business management or related field
    • Five or more years of management, operations, and warehousing experience
    • The ability to communicate, lead a team and solve problems
    • Familiar with various types of logistics software


  • Sense of planning and priorities;
  • Sense of organization;
  • Sense of control;
  • Timeliness;
  • Able to deal with several priorities at the same time;
  • Ability to work physically;
  • Ability to train and train personnel;
  • Geographic of knowledge of the province of Ontario.
  • Basic skills in developing a storage plan;
  • Good interpersonal relationships;
  • Courtesy, tact, diplomacy;
  • Ability to work with precision and under pressure;

B) Discipline

  • Positivism (understanding the role to be played);
  • Positive attitude to work in a safe manner;
  • Diligent;
  • Fair;
  • Ordered;
  • Available;
  • Dynamic;
  • Flexible;


Level of education

High School Diploma


High School Diploma

Work experience (years) minimum

2 years and over

Written Languages

  • English (Advanced)

Spoken Languages

  • English (Advanced)