High-capacity cooling towers rentals for use in industrial or commercial settings and facilities.

Industry standards are constantly evolving. That’s why HVAC Rentals offers solutions that evolve with your cooling needs. Whether you need it for food processing, paper transformation or mining processes, or just to keep your building air conditioned, you can rely on our experts to find the right solution for you. Our products can be combined with your existing cooling system on a temporary or permanent basis.

HVAC Rentals specializes in cooling towers rentals. Rent or lease one of our high-performance units for all your cooling needs, including:

  • Characteristics
  • Complete service, ready for deployment, 24/7
  • Professional installation
  • Assessment and support by our temporary solutions specialists
  • Units fully guaranteed for the duration of the lease
  • Unlimited capacities with multiple units


  • Rated capacity of 300 to 800 tons and up
  • 575 to 600 volt three-phase

Related equipment

In addition to handling the delivery and installation, HVAC Rentals can provide the piping, pumps and all other equipment needed to get your cooling tower up and running properly and efficiently.

Other products

Portable units, chillers, residential units, institutional units.