Your local or international event can’t afford to be held back by power outages or extreme weather. Every year, hundreds of organizations call on HVAC Rentals to respond to their temperature-control or power generation needs. Our experts are available 24/7 and we offer same-day delivery to ensure your success.

Whether you need a generator, heating system, air conditioner, chiller or mobile refrigeration unit, our experts will be happy to help you make your event a success!

Indoor skating rinks & arenas

We have the right material to create and maintain artificial ice at the lowest cost and lowest risk throughout the year! We can also help dehumidify your arena if a problem arises. We have chillers, ice mats and more! Call us for more information.

Car racing

We specialize in automobile racing events and work actively with the Formula 1 and other events requiring high-performance and high-capacity air conditioning solutions or heating for challenging weather conditions. We also provide generators and electrical equipment for standby or emergency power.

Tents and big tops

Graduation ceremonies, wedding receptions or even circus shows – your special events can’t afford to be held back by power outages or extreme weather. Our air conditioning systems, heating equipment and generators offer standby and emergency power as well as temperature control solutions for your tents and big tops. Call us for more information!

Success stories

Cirque du Soleil, Canadian Grand Prix F1, Red Bull Crashed Ice, Indy Car Toronto, PGA-LPGA Tour Canada, Rogers Cup.