High-capacity portable, mobile and permanent heating systems rentals for use in commercial, industrial or institutional facilities, and events.

Wether indoors or outdoors, we have a fleet of radiant, warm-air, steam or hot-water systems that run on electricity, fuel-oil, propane or natural gas that are ready to deploy and available 24/7.

With HVAC Rentals, you can control the thermal envelope of your temporary or permanent structures, such as construction sites, tents, patios, warehouses and hangars, as well as in industrial process facilities, like those in the mining sector.

When you choose HVAC Rentals, you also get full support from our industry experts. Ask us and we will answer your air conditioning specifications and needs, regardless of whether it’s for the short, medium or long term. Our systems, support and expertise put you in control of your environment.


Events, tents, construction sites, mines, oil and gas.