HVAC Rentals covers all your temperature control and power generation needs. We consistently deliver priority rental service and expertise, whether you require temporary or permanent power generation, heating, cooling, or mobile refrigeration. Our experts adhere to the strictest standards and deliver on time.

Mining sector

Mines across Canada have growing needs for speed, efficiency and security. That’s why we offer 24H service in ventilation, generation, heating, dust collection and filtration. We’ve got all your air quality needs covered. We also serve production processes that requiring with our chiller rentals solutions.

Food sector

Food and agriculture industry standards are becoming increasingly stringent. To ensure that your operations remain profitable while reducing risk and protecting your products, our team offers expert advice and will respond quickly with solutions addressing air conditioning, food conservation, heating and cooling process with chiller, mobile cooling, freezing or fixed refrigeration units. We can also assist with the production process by providing chiller systems for short, medium or long term use.


We offer air conditioning to keep you cool in summer, ventilation and dust extraction to maintain good air quality on construction sites, heating for seasonal operations and generators to meet your power needs. Our solutions are available around the clock and can be delivered immediately to your construction site.

Oil & Gas / Petrochemical

Reducing risk with the right equipment – that’s our area of expertise. We’re proud to offer the oil and gas industry high-quality, production-safe equipment including; air conditioning systems, generators, heaters (with or without direct flame) and chillers for all your temporary or permanent facilities.


Whether your need is for an air conditioner, chiller, steam boiler, emergency power, ventilation system or generator, our equipment is available 24/7 along with customized expertise. Our ventilators, air conditioners and heating units are ready for delivery to your production line 24/7, just like all of our services.