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Rental Services

At HVAC Rentals, we have an expert team prepared to help you develop your climate control and electrical needs. Whether it is for a special event or an emergency, our team is available 24/7 to answer your questions.

Services Offered:

We provide a specialized custom-made solution to any circumstances you may come across. In addition to being a professional equipment rental company, HVAC Rentals creates a unique solution on time. All establishments are different and require a thought-out climate control or power generation design to accommodate their structure.


Several products, generally perishables, need to be in a cooled environment to keep their consistency. Our refrigerated trailers, walk-in units and refrigerated containers are portable and can be placed wherever you may need them.

Our equipment is ready for delivery anytime, anywhere. Therefore renting our refrigerated trailers, containers, or walk-ins has never been easier. Our equipment can be used in any sector, from food facilities processes’ (food preparation, fish shops, wineries, etc.), healthcare, and technology to any business needing refrigeration. HVAC Rentals provides you with complete support and 24/7 emergency services. If faced with equipment failure, or preparing for an event, or an everyday operation, we’ve got the equipment to keep your goods fresh!


Different conditions require their own specially crafted ventilation framework. Ventilation is the mechanical framework in a foundation that acquires new and clean air and eliminates impurities. In many situations, Ventilation is utilized to eliminate contaminations, for example, exhaust, viruses, residue, and fumes, to contribute to a healthy and safe workplace.

HVAC Rentals offers a total scope of ventilation rental equipment that incorporates ventilators, air filtration systems, exhaust fans, and air control frameworks to meet our customers’ Ventilation, air circulation, air trade, exhaust, heat extraction, pressurization, or drying needs. Despite the intricacy of the scheme, our ventilation systems can be installed anywhere.

Our ventilation equipment rentals are suitable for commercial, industrial, institutional, home and offices, and event facilities. Call us 24/7 for our complete array of ventilation rental services.

Air Conditioner

Our turnkey solutions cover your cooling needs evaluation, certified installation, guarantee on unit leased for the term of your contract, and 24/7 support.

We assist households, lofts or apartment suites with climate control without stressing over installation, deferrals or hardware glitches. We ensure quick and consistent help to guarantee the solace of your family unit. Regardless of whether you need a short or long-term temporary cooling system, our specialists will be glad to assist you with finding the equipment that best suits you and your financial plan. Appreciate late spring with comfort and genuine feelings of serenity!

Our private sector Air conditioning units range from window units to portable units. They extend from 6000 to 12000 BTUs. All machines are cleaned and tested consistently to their initial state, which guarantees top performance. Ideal for summer use and at an economical cost.

Power Distribution

In need of power distribution? Preparing for a blackout or simply asking about an electrical emergency course of action. HVAC Rentals has got it for you! We manage one of the biggest power distribution inventories in the entirety of the country, regardless of whether it be a 3000 Amp distribution panel, automatic transfer switches or power distribution for your project, we have everything prepared for quick transport and installation by our certified team. HVAC Rentals endeavors to make your rental experience one-stop by keeping the procedure basic and straightforward. When you lease from HVAC Rentals, you don’t just get a piece of hardware; you get the entirety of the power peripherals required for fast and safe installation.



Our different heating arrangements are accessible for transitory or long-term use in commercial, industrial, institutional, and emergencies. Whether you need a single unit rental or a customized heating plan, HVAC Rentals is prepared and has the expert workforce to meet your prerequisites.

If you need an indoor or outdoor heating solution, we have a fleet of radiant, air heaters, and water boiler systems that function on electricity, fuel oil, propane or natural gas. If you require emergency back-up, planned upkeep or occasional demand, our equipment is prepared to send and accessible throughout the year.

With HVAC Rentals, you can control the heating envelope, for example, construction locations, tents, yards, and distribution centers.

When choosing HVAC Rentals, you receive full support from our industry specialists. Ask us, and we will answer all your heating requirements, whether or not it’s for the short, average, or long-term. Our frameworks, upkeep, and mastery put you in charge of your environment.

Heating Services:

Humidification & Dehumidification

HVAC Rentals controls and balances out humidity levels in your offices, distribution centers, and isolated rooms, for example, hospital isolation rooms, server rooms, food, and many other spaces.

Our electronic humidifiers have a variable-control, which offers an ideal dampness control. Consider us when in need of expert advice and day in and day out service or support on our rental services.

Our dehumidifiers offer optimal performances. For flooding emergencies or excessive humidity issues, call and speak to one of our representatives to determine what dehumidification solution is best for you.

Fluid Cooling

HVAC Rentals offers you a broad scope of liquid coolers, serving in various sectors. We are willing and able to supply and install your equipment rental. We offer you all day, everyday service if there should arise an occurrence of any crisis.

Liquid cooling frameworks are used in processes, for example, evaporative coolers, air conditioners, and other refrigeration frameworks. Liquid coolers, otherwise called free-coolers, air or water heat exchangers utilizing air.

Benefits :


HVAC Rentals has the largest chiller inventory across the nation. Our certified team is prepared and ready to convey and install your chiller rentals. We offer you 24-hour support in case of an emergency.

Ice rinks, food processing industries, event facilities and many other sectors use our chiller rentals to cool their processes. Chillers are primarily used as fluid coolers for several different applications. Speak to one of our experts for more information.

Ice Rinks


HVAC Rentals’ portable skating rink is the perfect venue for all events. We provide everything needed to set up and operate an ice rink in any location. Our skating rink system is easy to install and can be set up in just 24 hours. After installation, the ice rink can be operated at temperatures ranging from -40°C to -4°C.