HVAC Rentals handles high-capacity, high-proficiency air heating unit rentals that can be used in commercial, industrial, institutional, and event facilities.

Our heaters are available with direct-fire, indirect-fire or electric without spark, and flameless. We offer a few performance and security alternatives in addition to providing you with around the clock service from our heating rental specialists.

High-capacity air heaters are required in a few ventures to warm, dry, calcine, melt, and in some cases for to process chemical activities. Industrial air heaters are classified as follows: direct-fired and indirect-fired.

Direct-fire air heaters create warmth through direct contact of the air burning with a downstream cycle, making this type of heat for outdoor use or an overall circulated condition.

Indirect-fire air heaters are utilized when the heater exhaust cannot pollute the air in the environment. Heating is achieved by adding gas to the heat exchanger. The industrial heat exchanger moves the available heat into the air stream while keeping the cycle air separated from the air heater when produced by combustion.


  • Direct heat for the environment. The high speed of continuous air circulation inside a heated room delivers rapid heating of the whole space.

At HVAC Rentals, we offer something beyond heating equipment. On the off chance that you have a particular issue that requires warming, call us, and will redo an ideal solution for you.


  • Construction areas
  • Industrial areas
  • Institutional areas
  • Auxiliary or crisis heating
  • Temporary or long-haul rentals
  • Portable heating units

Complete bundle:

  • Assessment of your heating and cycle needs
  • Same-day proficient installation
  • Units ensured for the term of the agreement
  • Several units
  • 24/7 Service and Support

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