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Canadian Climate Control Expert


  • Maximum temperature: 90°C
  • Electric, oil, gas or propane
  • Endless capacity when combined with various units

A boiler is a heat trade system where a liquid (water, glycol) is warmed utilizing the combustion of a fuel blown through a lowered cylinder. The warmth delivered is then shot out into a heat exchanger. The equipment can either be hot water coils in air treatment units or other water heating equipment.

HVAC Rentals’ convenient and high-productivity boilers are available for delivery. Our expert team is set to put a heating network framework in place and deliver hot water for any industrial procedure needed. Our boiler units can be consolidated to provide the ideal capacity. We additionally offer a wide range of accessories including circulating pumps, piping, buffer tanks, electric cables and other related gear to help with installation.

Where are industrial boilers used?

The kind of boiler you may require for your business is subject to the industry. Frequently, referring to other organizations in your industry is the best approach to locate the right boiler.

Boilers can be matched with different equipment to deliver hot fluid to your system. Combined with a heat exchanger, air handler, or tap in your current facility, our boilers will convey heat for every one of your needs.

Complete Package:

  • Assessment of your warming and cycle needs
  • Same-day proficient installation
  • Units ensured for the term of the agreement
  • 24/7 Service
  • Multiple units

Related Equipment:

  • Circulation pump
  • Auxiliary Double-divider fuel oil tanks
  • Natural gas/propane, electrical or fuel
  • Water heat exchangers
  • Air handler
  • Flexible cables and adaptor connectors