Chillers are the most flexible and utilized HVAC equipment in our stock. Joined with our cutting-edge fan coils, Ice-mats, or heat exchangers, there is no application or crisis we can’t handle. HVAC Rentals is a pioneer in chiller rentals with the most extensive trailer-mounted equipment across the country. We can send our high-productivity chillers all over the country in no time. Extending from 2.5 to 550 tons, we own the highest capacity in the industry. All our units are versatile, giving us the unsurpassed capacity for any emergency circumstance.

If you are making an ice-rink or have an emergency breakdown in your food processing plant, our cutting-edge chillers are ready to come to your rescue. Our units can be combined with your current cooling system to serve as an air conditioner for your building, to build your skating rink, to cool your food processing plant, your event facility or even medical facility and much more.


  • Chillers utilize less power than some other cooling frameworks.
  • Cool a large space or refrigerate any fluid-based cycle.
  • No matter the size of your business or event size, our wide assortment of commercial chillers are available for any situation. When needing a transitory substitution unit, we can quickly deliver one.
  • Quick mobilization
  • Chillers are environmentally friendly, utilizing less power to perform
  • Effortless installation


Did you know?

A chiller is a bit of cooling gear that concentrates heat from a fluid and launches into the air utilizing refrigerants as the exchange cycle. Connected to heat exchangers, chillers can cool any application.

Complete Package

  • Evaluation of your refrigeration needs
  • Development of a custom solution
  • Expert installation
  • Units ensured for the term of the agreement
  • Service and support, 24 hours 7 days a week

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