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Canadian Climate Control Expert


  • 2200 to 5000 CFM
  • 170 Gal/day to 391 Gal/day

HVAC Rentals’ desiccants have a high air flow of up to 5000 CFM. Our dehumidification frameworks eliminate dampness from the air by utilizing a desiccant, a material that effectively pulls in and holds water vapor. Desiccant dehumidifiers have become critical equipment for some construction specialists. While the more significant part of the dehumidifiers in an organization’s equipment is often LGRs, desiccants offer some remarkable features that make them extraordinary for drying conditions. The fundamental capability among desiccants and refrigerant-based dehumidifiers is how they remove the water and the dry air they can produce.

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  • They are generally utilized in transport, stockpiling, or upkeep of materials and items.
  • Their reason for existing is to preserve the item, and they do as such by retaining dampness and scent.
  • They are non-harmful, stable, sturdy, and simple to use. Desiccants additionally shield against product failure from corrosion.

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