Our air handlers can work with up to 100% fresh air. They use chilled water or glycol and have a high static density, which permits them to be used with ducting. These units are ideal for large jobs; they are equipped with horizontal air supplies and returns with 24-inch dampers. Our Air handlers are furnished with controls and VFD’s to adjust their static pressure and CFM performance. Our fully tailored air handling units are the perfect solution for larger.

Our high static, high-density air handlers can be connected in parallel with high-efficiency HEPA filters, which can be used in medical applications.


  • High static density
  • Great for big warehouses
  • Perfect for long ducting
  • It can flow cold or warm air through a room without raising energy costs.
  • Keep a consistent temperature and give the required temperature when needed.
  • Air handlers keep the air flowing and accordingly forestalling dust collection.

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