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Canadian Climate Control Expert


  • From 4lb/hr to 150 lb/hr

A humidifier is a piece of hardware that removes liquid from the air in a structure—utilized in hot, dry, or interiors. When humidity drops, generally in winter, it might cause a few health-related issues, for example, respiratory disease. This is the reason humidifiers are utilized everywhere.

HVAC Rentals’ humidifier rentals are vital for industrial, institutional and commercial usage. Our hardware controls and balances out dampness levels in large offices, distribution centers. Our variable-control electronic humidifiers offer ideal results.

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  • Humidification decreases dust.
  • Humidification limits harm to the furnishings and other wooden articles: Dry environments increment the odds of getting breaks in wooden items.
  • Humidification can help preserve artifacts in galleries: Generally, these items are kept in atmospheres where humidity ranges somewhere in the range of 45% and 60%.
  • Humidification helps remove static electricity in the air: In little amounts, friction-based electricity can be irritating, for example, when you get static hair or a shock when touching an electrically charged item. In huge sums, electricity produced via friction could be hindering to electronic hardware.

Complete package:

  • Assessment of your humidifier needs
  • Same-day proficient installation
  • Units ensured for the term of your agreement
  • Service available all day, every day

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