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Canadian Climate Control Expert


  • Capacities running from 5 to 100 tons
  • Can be consolidated in parallel for higher capacities
  • 208V 1-phase 208V 3-phase or 600V 3-phase

Our large scale cooling units extend from 5 to 100-ton capacity. These units give the fastest and most cost-effective source of short-term cold air in the industry. They are a viable answer for any crisis circumstance just as for everyday processes for industrial, commercial, and institutional applications and all indoor and open-air occasions.

HVAC Rentals rooftop cooling systems come furnished with large electrical heaters running from 5 Kw to 150 Kw and can deliver heating just as cooling for all your temperature needs. What’s more, to make things easier, these units are accessible in a few distinct voltages, either 208V 1-phase, 208V 3-phase or 600V 3-phase. Electric current an issue? Don’t worry about it! HVAC Rentals conveys a broad line of generators and transformers going from 7 KVa to 1000 KVa to give you all the power you need.


  • Quick, cost-effective cooling and warming
  • Completely versatile
  • Can be installed almost anywhere
  • Can be moved quickly
  • Can be pulled with a standard pick-up truck
  • Trailer-mounted units, a crane is not required
  • Can be associated with existing ventilation work through adaptable hoses
  • Units connect with cam-lock electrical wiring
  • We can cool your tent, film set or give temporary cooling power when you are facing an equipment failure or if you need a cooling push during a heatwave

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