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What are the perks of having a reliable partner? One would tend to say, efficiency or no time delays… However, there are several other positive benefits that arise from having a reliable partner, such as expert advice/solutions, reduced costs, and contingency planning.

Large organizations that require large spaces or operate with heavy equipment must have a plan B for all operations they run. A well-structured firm will have though out all possible outcomes such as an unexpected machine or power failure, or also establishment climate when operating at 100% output during a hot summer day. An unprecedented situation may arise and this is when having a reliable partner comes in hand.

HVAC Rentals’ team is an expert at problem-solving. With custom-made solutions and custom-built equipment, the company goes far and beyond to ensure the success of its client’s projects. On several occasions, HVAC Rentals has deployed different types of equipment to fix a particular problem in one establishment.

Take the following hospital for example. This hospital was lacking refrigeration in one of its quarters, hence a chiller and pump were installed to refrigerate their processes.

On a totally different section, hidden away, we installed some of our top of the line refrigerated containers to ensure the livelihood of their perishables.

We also installed a rooftop unit on their Covid-19 testing tent, ensuring an adequate climate for the hospital’s patients and healthcare workers.

If you are looking for a reliable partner, call and speak to one of our representatives who will gladly guide you through your planning. Our client satisfaction is guaranteed.