Companies trust HVAC Rentals to help them with temperature control and power generation, two key factors in providing uninterrupted quality services. HVAC Rentals consistently delivers priority service and expertise with its fleet of power generation and HVAC solutions, regardless of the circumstances. Whether your need is for a temporary or permanent generator, heating system, air conditioner, chiller or mobile refrigeration unit, our experts will be happy to provide you with the best solution.


We are proud to provide the telecommunications industry with high-performance air conditioning systems (including portable, industrial) and cooling units (including chillers). Our generators lower your TCO and help you deal with risk management and mission-critical scenarios.

Cold storage

Whether you need a cold storage unit or refrigerated warehouse, our experts and equipment are ready to serve you. We’ll help you meet your unique cold storage solutions.

Electronic, IT, scientific & pharmaceutical

Air conditioning server rooms, cooling production processes and providing uninterrupted power to essential scientific equipment. Whether you work in the electronic, IT or pharmaceutical field, HVAC Rentals is ready to serve you 24/7 and cover all of your emergency climate and power needs.