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Canadian Climate Control Expert


  • 280 CFM
  • 12 Gal/day

A dehumidifier is equipment that decreases dampness and keeps up a sufficient moistness level. Dehumidifiers are used to slow or stop the development of mold. This cycle removes water from the air. Industrial-size dehumidifiers are used in large structures, for example, ice rink arenas, pools, stockrooms, or assembly plants.

HVAC Rentals’ dehumidifier rentals are utilized in industrial, institutional, and business offices. Our hardware controls and balances out humidify levels in offices, stockrooms, and particular rooms. For example, medical service rooms, server rooms, food or amusement, or calamity recuperation. Our dehumidifiers offer ideal performances.

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Dehumidification frameworks eliminate dampness from a structure’s environment to help control moisture and keep it from achieving a mold point. Here are a few advantages of having a dehumidification system:

  • Air quality improvement
  • Maintain item quality: In food production plants, pharmaceutical plants, printing foundations, and more.
  • Preserve Building Integrity: Proper dew point and mugginess control can help keep up building quality and integrity (lower danger of erosion and rust)

Complete package:

  • Assessment of your humidifier needs
  • Same-day proficient installation
  • Units ensure for the term of your agreement
  • Service available all day, every day

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