High-performance, sound-insulated portable or mobile generators rentals for use in commercial and industrial facilities, institutional housings and offices, as well as any medium to large-scale events.

Whether you’re facing a power outage, an emergency, a planned project with spiking needs, or simply need the extra power, HVAC Rentals is your specialist reliable and efficient generators and rental power generation services. We’re proud to offer solutions that are cost-effective, yet ready to solve your daily or emergency power generation challenges 24/7, with our specialized rental power support and rental power equipement.

Our fuel oil tanks enable our heating equipment to work autonomously for several days before having to be refuelled. Our generators are ready for fast delivery in case of emergency or for long-term operations, regardless of the scope of the outage, project or power needs. All of our specialized equipment comes with a 24/7 service agreement and excellence.


  • Gas or diesel
  • 1 kW to 2 mW
  • Sound insulated
  • Available for short, medium and long term rental or lease
  • Emergency situations or back-up supply
  • Standard and Camlock cables available
  • Can be integrated with your existing systems

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  • Breakers and switches
  • Distribution Panels
  • Auxiliary fuel tanks
  • Cables and floor-cord covers